Botanical Artwork Beautiful Floral Set Of 3 Squares 8-10Cm
Set of 3 Botanical Artwork Beautiful Floral Squares 8-10cm

Set of 3 Botanical Artwork Beautiful Floral Squares 8-10cm

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To ensure availability please book a flower drop off time on the product page then complete your order by adding to your Custom Artwork choices to your cart (min $250) 

I’ve always thought it’s such a shame weddings cost so much money and only last one day 

The flowers are always so beautiful and then they are just left to die or at best are hung upside down to dry then eventually dust, mold, and the bin.


As an artist, I have found a unique way to preserve your memories with a fresh take on tradition. 

The process for you is super simple just make a booking for the month of your wedding. Don’t wait because of the time involved in producing these artworks, I only take four bookings in any one month. 

Book your date online (online bookings only )and pay your deposit it’s that easy.

Then it’s simply a matter of either you or a friend dropping the flowers in or posting as close as possible after the wedding.  

It’s all about you having a gorgeous memento of your flowers that will make you smile and remember your day for years and years to come.


"The romantic in me imagines you in years to come having your daughter ask about the pretty flowers displayed or one day getting her christening flowers done and sitting them together.  It makes me so happy when my brides tell me they walk past, and it always makes them smile to remember their day and how beautiful their flowers still are"

Please allow up to 12 weeks for the full process as the slower I dry the flowers and do the many resin pours (up to 30) that my unique process takes the better your result will be 

Also, note that some flowers work better in resin then others do. 


Please note: as with any resin process there could be air bubbles in the artwork even though all care was taken.

I endeavour to do the best I can with the pressing and or drying of the flowers but as with any process on fresh flowers, there will be changes in the flower colour and the viscosity. Petals may discolour or become opaque this is a perfectly normal part of the pressing and drying process even when all care is taken.

When ordering your art piece please consider the size of your flowers for instance if you have large Australian natives you would need to order a larger artwork. If you order smaller pieces eg: a bracelet, of course, the petals or leaves would be removed for use from the flower to fit into the bracelet pour.

Due to the nature of this process, there is no responsibility taken for the well-being of the flowers during the drying or the resin pouring process although of course all care is taken flowers all dry differently and it is a difficult process some issues are unavoidable eg: lighter flowers can discolor and this is in no way avoidable. Please note deposits are nonrefundable due to the fact I would have not taken another booking as I held your place in your month. Dates may be changed with consultation and space available.