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Take Your Resin Art To The Next Level

Sheri Vegas Masterclass will give you the skills to improve and perfect your resin art practice. This E-Course consists of 7 self-paced modules that you can view again and again. Experience Sheri on her creative journey showing you how to prep for an artwork, correctly mix and pour resin and demonstrate more advanced techniques. You will watch Sheri creating several artworks from beginning to end and see tips and hints Sheri has previously never shared. Sheri said “This is the first time I have ever shown my entire art process from beginning to end. I created this course to help inspire you to become as resin obsessed as I am”.  

This Resin Art Masterclass Is for You If...

If you have no experience but are an art enthusiast, looking for something fun to do. 
If you have worked with resin before and looking to take your knowledge to the next level and develop new techniques.
If you are a passionate artist who is looking for additional art practices. 
If you have attended one of my in-person workshops or watched my YouTube tutorials and want to extend your knowledge

What Is the Value & Benefits of Doing This Online Course? 

Gain expert knowledge from a professional resin artist that you can't get anywhere else
Save yourself from making beginner errors and wasting expensive resin 
Learn a new skill and make your own artworks for yourself and friends and family 
7 modules covering
1. Safety when working with resin
2. Tools & equipment 
3. Types of Resin
4. Dirty Pour
5. Direct Pour 
6. Swipe Method 
7. Double Layering & Creating Cells
In-depth Everything Resin Series Masterclass. Everything you need to know about Resin Art before getting started and so much more. 
Invitation only access to Sheri Vegas’s Masterclass Private Facebook group where you will have never before access to Sheri for any resin art questions. Featuring lively and creative discussion of all things resin with other Masterclass students. 

Reviews from Masterclass Students:

 Thank you so much the course is amazing and so helpful I played around this morning with some scrap wood and then took on my first big project of a tabletop for my kids that was so ruined we were going to throw it out Thank you again I have wanted to do this for years and over the last 2 years seriously looked into it but didn’t know where to start so thank you so much for your course and helping me to do it all  


 Thank you so much for making the course! I’ll make sure to tag you and suggest people to do the course if they ever ask where I learned my tricks from hahaha   


 The videos are brilliant, and I am so appreciating the way you teach and your pace - finally feel a bit more comfortable with resin (also - your work is incredible)   


A Little About Sheri 

Sheri Vegas is a fulltime Australian Brisbane based abstract artist specializing in Resin Art and Flow Acrylic Painting.
Sheri has always had a passion for art since she was young and has received multiple arts and creative design awards.
She is passionate about sharing her love for resin art and has created this beginner to Intermediate Resin Art Masterclass, so you can also develop your own passion for this unique art form.
Sheri is also a YouTube Artist with a large engaged following and currently teaches workshops all around the world.